Squid-plant Parmigiana!

This week’s macabre dinner theme was inspired by a horrific true story involving a woman and some half-cooked squid.  For those of you curious ghouls who missed this squirmy headline, you can read more of the gruesome details here, or stomach an image at this site. Swallow that!

Now rather than cook a squid as an un-original concept, we give you the non-fishy, vegetable-friendly… Squid-Plant Parmigiana!

Recipe Ingredients:  1 Large Eggplant, 2 or 3 Japanese or Chinese eggplants, 1 bell pepper or large tomato, quinoa, spinach linguine, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, and alfredo sauce mix (whipping cream, garlic, parmesan cheese, butter, parsley). Olives, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms are also included.  Carnivores can add shrimp or chicken.

PREPPING:  Follow your basic cooking instructions – pre-cooking the spinach linguine al dente and the alfredo sauce.  Combine the quinoa and alfredo sauce, and fill the hollowed cavity of the Eggplant.  For the eyes, I used olives inserted into round slices of eggplant.

Now isn’t he a happy, little squid?  For now…

COOKED:  25 Minutes later, the poor cephalopod turns into a zombie…


And it gets better.   Why quinoa makes the perfect brains…



There are a handful of squid monster-movies to pick from:  The Beast, Eye of the Beast, It Came from Beneath The Sea, etc.  But we chose the 2001 H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, Dagon about a Spanish town that worships a squid-like sea monster.  Recommended for B-Movie fun, this well directed, moderately budgeted movie contained well crafted effects and make-up, an intriguing well-paced story, and creepy sound effects.



To top off our macabre dinner party, we served up Ice-Squid Delight!   Basically it’s coconut and pineapple ice cream mixed with blueberries, pineapple chunks, and tiny sliced marshmallows to represent the Squid sperm sacs.  But as with most everything, it’s all in the presentation:


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