“In Amity, one man can make a difference.”  – Chief Brody, Jaws

And so, too, can one movie.  This week marks the release of my favorite movie on blu ray, Jaws which happens to be the same week (coincidence?) as Discovery’s annual Shark Week!  So to celebrate this festival of the Selachimorpha Kingdom (sharks), we’re going to serve up one tasty macabre dish each night,  Dinner Macabre Style!

PREPPING:  This is your basic thick-crusted pizza (email me for my secret pizza dough recipe).  Lather on tomato paste and marina, pesto sauce, fresh shredded mozzarella cheese, and about a tablespoon of parmesan.  The shark is devised from a portabello mushroom, shark and tail fin carved from the center.  The surf board is a slice of zucchini, and the poor surfer is carved from eggplant.  Finish with your favorite toppings.

Cook for 23 minutes. For best results, use a pizza brick.


Since Jaws, there have been dozens of copy cats- some slightly more original than others.  But the majority of shark films out there are pretty horrid.  Some suggested material (other than the original masterpiece), include:  Deep Blue Sea, Open Water 1 & 2, and The Reef.  If you’re looking for pure pizza-cheese-B-movie horror, then you can try to stomach Shark Attack 3 starring John Barrowman (Torchwood), the Sci-Fi Mega Shark series (Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Mega Shark vs Crocosaurusand Peter Benchley’s Creature starring Craig T. Nelson and an awful looking shark-man (yes, a stuntman in a rubber suit).

  Check back tomorrow night for another shark treat and more facts and trivia!

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