Stuffed Carcharodon Solanum!

Continuing with Shark Week and Jaws (out on Blu Ray), we give you Stuffed  Shark  Eggplant!

Now this turned out to be incredibly tasty, though admittedly the outer shell of the eggplant was mostly decorum.  Ingredients:

Large American Eggplant – carved and hallowed, diced eggplant, tomatoes, diced zucchini, and sliced olives.  Simmer in water, balsamic vinegar, finely cut garlic (or a sliver of garlic paste), butter, pesto sauce, and a dash of Parmesan cheese.

Quinoa – which is a grain-like crop gaining popularity for it’s rich protein- has become a favorite substitute for rice.  Cook the quinoa as instructed.  Once complete, mix with the above vegetable concoction.  Add diced pepperjack cheese for a fancy kick.


TONIGHT’S ENTERTAIMENT:  Combining the two themes leads inevitably to the Mythbusters Special:  Jaws.

Watch Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attempt to recreate the shark myths both from the movie Jaws, and such popular myths as whether poking a shark in the eye is as easily done as said.


Check back tomorrow for some more shark chomping good eats!

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