Crêpe Crawly Breakfast!

What do you serve up after a horrific night of fun slumber partying? Breakfast isn’t typical horror fare, but some of my fondest memories are waking up the morning of Halloween knowing the day’s adventures and activities ahead. (On Halloween I’ll relay my fondest slumber party and why I still occasionally … Continue reading

Orb-Weaver’s Pizza

This is one of those experiments that was perfectly photogenic from every angle– unlike me.  What’s an orb-weaver, you ask? Allow me to explain from my vast knowledge of the arthropods (I actually just looked this up). The orb-weaver is the most common class of spiders found in typical gardens and are … Continue reading


This week we honor our venomous neighbors with a SPIDER WEEK tribute! Why am I so hung up about them? (See what I did there?)  A few weeks ago some of you may have come across the same true story that gave me a goosebump or two.  It all began … Continue reading

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