This week we honor our venomous neighbors with a SPIDER WEEK tribute!

Why am I so hung up about them? (See what I did there?)  A few weeks ago some of you may have come across the same true story that gave me a goosebump or two.  It all began with our hapless victim “Mrs. Lee” who checked into her local Chinese Hospital after feeling an irritation in her ear for five days.  Yes, Holmes, you’re onto this story– a small spider had rooted itself in her ear!  Home sweet home.  All ended well, but for those curious horror geeks who need more details, including the actual photo of the intruder, click here.

This first dish is a simple ratatouille blend.  INGREDIENTS: Bell peppers, red onions, potatoes, zucchini, olive oil, vinegar,  tomatoes, lemon pepper, basil, oregano, garlic (or garlic paste), and lime juice.

Ratatouille is traditionally a blend of seasonal vegetables served as a side dish. But it kicks off our tribute as an entree thanks to its four-eyed star: The green spider is a stuffed bell pepper with a zucchini end serving as the head.  Trimmed asparagus finish off the eight legs.

For best results, sauté the vegetables and herbs in a saucepan.  Then pour the vegetables into a casserole dish and add some olives.  Stuff the bell pepper as you wish (I’m partial to pepper-jack cheese) and slide the zucchini head into place.  (And who doesn’t enjoy a good head sliding?) Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  Serve up!  And if you happened to use my suggestion above, you’re going to love the cheese-covered legs. Save one for me!

This simple dish is easy to serve and quite fun to make.  And with words like trimmed legs, sliding heads, zucchini ends, and stuffed pepper– how can you not be enticed?


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