Figs, Feta, and Eight-Legged Freaks!

Looking for an arachnatizer to go with that eight-legged bell pepper? Try this tangled treat!

Ingredients:  Figs, feta cheese, almonds, sugar, honey, and green beans.  The tricky part is caramelizing the almonds as so much can go wrong (and you bet it did).

You’ll want to use superfine sugar, about half a cup.  Before doing anything, coat all your utensils and cookware with cooking oil.  I didn’t, so learn from my boneheaded mistake.  Melt the sugar in a pot, then dip the almonds in (one at a time) and quickly remove with a fork.  Place the almonds on an oil-greased plate and let it dry a few minutes.

Mix the almonds, sliced figs, and feta cheese together with a dash of honey. If you’re feeling peckish, slather a bit of honey on the figs that make up the body of the spider. (Play a little dirty dancing music if it’ll help you get into the mood- your taste buds will thank you for it). Sliced green beans (un-cooked) can carefully break to represent the angular legs.  For a climactic bonus, carefully slide a piece of feta cheese covered with honey inside the spider fig. And don’t think dirty thoughts.

These colorful spiders are fun, easy to make, and quite decorative for any macabre occasion.  It’s even better if you have nieces or significant others to spook- throw ’em in their lunch bags or leftover containers when no one’s looking.  After all, who isn’t entitled to a good scare every now and then?

Tonight’s Dinner Movie treats:  Arachnid, Spiders, and Eight-Legged Freaks!

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