Sometimes simplicity produces beauty over sophistication, and other times the simplest creation leads to utter chaos.  I’m thinking of my jello mold that took me an hour of frustration to put together and never made it into the show.  There is so much trial-and-error in this macabre experiment, that I’m often wondering if this will ever get easier.  Fun, you say? There’s pay-off and even the failures still taste great.  But it takes a lot of work to put these together and there never seems to be enough time.

But you, my horror-geek fans, make it fun. And someday I hope we have a huge party and bring all our collaborations together for one night of memorable scary fare. Starting with this one:  Fruit and Ice Cream. Who knew it’d be so colorful? And simple. A perfect harmonious blend.  Zen chow.

Of course, you can always serve it without the ice cream, which would of course no longer be Ice Spiders. Instead one can name it after that other cheesy SyFy-channel original movie, Arachnoquake. Which is appropriate considering my little hometown was just rattled with another tremor.  Could it be spiders?  I don’t know about you but I’m thinking of sleeping with a stocking over my head.

INGREDIENTS:  Two peaches, two plums (or any seasonal, fresh fruit), ice cream (Vanilla and strawberry in this case), and cake topping or whipped cream.

MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT:  The obvious choice is the classic SyFy-channel Ice Spiders.  But being that Los Angeles shared a little jolt this evening, I’m leaning towards the even cheesier Arachnoquake starring T2’s young John Conner: Edward Furlong, who looks more and more like a doped-up Peter Lorre.  See for yourself and judge, baby. Hasta-la-vista.

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