Crêpe Crawly Breakfast!

What do you serve up after a horrific night of fun slumber partying? Breakfast isn’t typical horror fare, but some of my fondest memories are waking up the morning of Halloween knowing the day’s adventures and activities ahead. (On Halloween I’ll relay my fondest slumber party and why I still occasionally sleep with a knitting needle). But first… here are two great breakfast treats to start your ghoulish day.

Spider Crêpe and Eggs!

My crepe was thicker than standard, so technically it’s a pancake. But whatever your preference, the real trick is managing your patience and artistry when laying the webbing with powdered sugar. Carving the spider is fairly easy. You can’t see well in the picture (click to enlarge), but you might want to lay it over a slab of your favorite butter.

And what better to serve it with than SPIDER EGGS!

You’ll need three eggs to create two spiders (one for the body, two for the legs). And serve on a colorful plate for contrast.

My most fondest breakfast memories were Sunday mornings. Saturdays you couldn’t get me out of bed- I’d sleep in as late as I could, enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to go to school while the sun slithered through the shades. But Sunday mornings my biological clock woke me up at 8am on the dot so I could curl up on the sofa with a blanket, bowl of cereal in hand, and watch my favorite array of cartoons– Popeye and friends. That was living!  Now I watch horror movies instead… and I still sleep in on Saturdays.

The perfect morning spider movie:  Arachnophobia.

Though not the most macabre spider movie (refer to The Mist), Arachnophobia will still crêpe you out. For a more nostalgic 70’s movie, check out The Giant Spider Invasion (both the original and MST3K version).


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