Leprechaun Pie! Happy Haunting St. Patrick’s Day!

P1010538_SMWhen I was in Ireland two years ago, my family and I couldn’t help getting drawn into its past full of myths and legends. Of course, the leprechaun has no links to any historical significance and remains mostly an irish fairy tale. The folklore goes that leprechauns spend most of their time making shoes in exchange for gold coins which they keep in hidden pots of gold that only appear at the end of rainbows. Lucky are those folks who reside in misty regions! Of course, one has to wonder why Ireland hasn’t become the shoe capital of the world, and what’s with that shoe fetish anyway? They must be related to the Dutch and their clogs.


I used a portabella mushroom for the facial structure. Cover with cheddar and jack cheese, then trim out the eyes and mouth. Cut the mushroom carefully to carve out the teeth. Olives for eyes with mozzarella cheese in the center. Use pesto for the shirt and top portions for the hat. A strip of zucchini made up the brim, and jack cheese outlined the buckle. The hair is composed of asparagus- boiled for 10 minutes so it could soften and split.


The choice of MOVIE was obvious, as I had never seen it:  LEPRECHAUN.


It features that very young future starlet who went on to Friends and would briefly date Brad Pitt:  Warwick Davis!  Oh yeah, and Jennifer Aniston is in it too, sporting some hot  L.A. Gear’s!
If you haven’t seen it, it’s actually quite comical if you can forgive the campy silliness of it.
Aniston1Probably best enjoyed in a group setting.



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