Sometimes inspiration strikes and the spontaneous desire to create supercedes the desire to do the grit work. Such is the case with these event treats that were cooked up, but never blogged about (sorry, ghouls).

HEPATITIS V(ampire) Lasagna

Hepatitis-V (vampire) was a dish served during a dinner party for the finale of True Blood.  It was a delicious favorite and as far as I know… no one was infected.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

This stuffed eggplant creeped everyone out while we watched John Carpenter’s classic The Thing.



Most people guess that the Alien leaping out of this pizza was made of fish (really, guys?).  But it’s baked pizza dough, and had no acid for blood, I assure you.


So, yeah, Glenn’s fate came to a smashing end and as he pretty much caved in to death.  Next morning I made this for breakfast.  Here’s looking at you, Glenn!  Well, maybe with uni-vision.

And that about wraps it up.  Sorry I haven’t been actively cooking up more horror treats, but I plan to remedy that once I’ve moved into our new dungeon, er, kitchen!

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