Sometimes inspiration strikes and the spontaneous desire to create supercedes the desire to do the grit work. Such is the case with these event treats that were cooked up, but never blogged about (sorry, ghouls). HEPATITIS V(ampire) Lasagna Hepatitis-V (vampire) was a dish served during a dinner party for the … Continue reading

Trick or Treats: Halloween Classics

Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! Being a bit of a wandering spirit and soul-searcher, I often grasp for meanings behind events and objects and Halloween is loaded with metaphors, symbols, and psychological implications. This year I delve into the classics of movie horror for modern philosophical truths.  It begins with … Continue reading

Hannibal the Cannibal

Elegance, sophistication, and refined presentation define the characteristics of a dinner party that Hannibal Lecter would formally invite you to. This week celebrates the season finale of the brilliantly written new series Hannibal on NBC, which is like no other procedural. If you haven’t seen the first thirteen episodes, you’re … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

  When Easter falls on the finale of The Walking Dead… The casserole dish was Zucchini Au Gratin prepared with apple-smoked Gruyere cheese.  Turned out fantastic! Zombie Bunny:  American eggplant covered with melted cheese (mozzarella, provolone, pepper-jack); a mushroom for the nose; corn-nuts for the bottom teeth (eggplant for the tops).  

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