Leprechaun Pie! Happy Haunting St. Patrick’s Day!

When I was in Ireland two years ago, my family and I couldn’t help getting drawn into its past full of myths and legends. Of course, the leprechaun has no links to any historical significance and remains mostly an irish fairy tale. The folklore goes that leprechauns spend most of … Continue reading

The Walking Dead (plants)

Every time I start a dinner macabre, I get nervous. The meals always seem to turn out okay (with one or two exceptions I’ll publish sometime), but that doesn’t prevent the anxiety. But after four hours of having slaved in my kitchen, my anxiety turned into elation. I knew I … Continue reading

Nutty Fringe Pie

Once in a while I may stray from the dark macabre and steer into an adjacent genre, and in tonight’s case I am celebrating the series finale of Fringe– the sci-fi show that fuses science with horror and conspiracy… or today’s version of The X-Files.  We really are fortunate to … Continue reading

Cabin (in the woods) Lasagna

Camping.  It’s one of America’s great pastimes. Cabins, tents, hiking, and water activities if there’s a lake nearby. And then there’s night:  the stillness of the starry sky. The smell of roasting campfires and gourmet food (for those of us who love cooking). The sounds of chirping crickets  muffled over … Continue reading

Crêpe Crawly Breakfast!

What do you serve up after a horrific night of fun slumber partying? Breakfast isn’t typical horror fare, but some of my fondest memories are waking up the morning of Halloween knowing the day’s adventures and activities ahead. (On Halloween I’ll relay my fondest slumber party and why I still occasionally … Continue reading

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