Macaroni and Sharkeese

Yes, just when you thought it was safe to wade into the deep end of a website with “macabre” in the title… eggplant leaps from the depths of produce horror for yet another scare.  Sorry kind visitor, but it is my job to give you all the options for shark … Continue reading

Stuffed Carcharodon Solanum!

Continuing with Shark Week and Jaws (out on Blu Ray), we give you Stuffed  Shark  Eggplant! Now this turned out to be incredibly tasty, though admittedly the outer shell of the eggplant was mostly decorum.  Ingredients: Large American Eggplant – carved and hallowed, diced eggplant, tomatoes, diced zucchini, and sliced olives.  Simmer in … Continue reading

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